With The Campus at BMW Welt, We are Family GSA operates and develops a cross-generational place of discovery, with interdisciplinary workshops and events for kids, teens, families, school classes, and companies. We provide everything from a single source: from the initial idea to the implementation of new formats, the organization of workshops and events, and strategic communications consulting.

Großmutter hilft ihrer Enkelin beim Workshop

Our client

The Campus is the BMW Group's own world of experience on the future topics of mobility, sustainability, and digitalization. Visitors from all over the world can explore the questions we will face in the future and acquire future skills in different experience rooms and workshops, using interactive, digital, and analog exhibits: How do we want to live, work, and be mobile in the future?


Conception, operation, and further development of the offers of The Campus and expansion to include the target groups of parents, grandparents, adults, and companies.

Our solution

The Campus at BMW Welt in a nutshell

For The Campus at BMW Welt, We are Family GSA plans and implements activities around innovative themes for people of all ages. Companies can book team-building events or advanced training courses. Schools will find a diverse, curriculum-linked offering in the BMW Junior Program and families can enjoy events or celebrate birthdays on the premises. All workshops are supervised by pedagogically trained staff.


Family marketing & educational communication - the innovative workshops at BMW The Camp

Mobility, sustainability, the world of tomorrow - we inspire adults for these topics with contemporary, target group-oriented workshops. Creativity and teamwork are always emphasized: In The Campus workshops, adults can experiment with different materials, make products themselves, and learn about BMW's design ideas. Our team continually evolves the workshops in line with the latest research and with current topics such as the circular economy.

Team events with added value

Thinking through future issues as a team, finding solutions, learning new things, and having a lot of fun in the process: Our experts challenge teams with big questions of the time. For example, what will mobility of the future look like and what will a sustainable means of transport look like? In the team-building event, participants work creatively, efficiently, and – above all – together. under guidance, to get from concept to prototype.

Co-creation and panel surveys - the basis of our communication concept

Insights are the basis of our work. That's why We are Family has developed target group-specific communication recommendations for the BMW Junior Program based on co-creations and panel surveys. Working together with the target group, we developed strategies to effectively reach existing and new target groups, starting with the re-naming and including the design and theme of the offer on site.

Ausstellungsfäche im Campus