We are the leading global specialists in kids, youth, and families, and the foundation of our work is up-to-date data and cultural insights gathered by our experienced research team. We speak to thousands of kids and families around the globe each year, combining rigorous methodologies with the latest technology to ensure we are on top of the trends. Everything we do and recommend is driven by the data, insights, and experience we have.

From global macro-trends to the minutiae of different perspectives in the same household, our dedicated research teams are on the ground, gathering data around the world. We produce regular reports (click here to download) and have a standing global panel of tweens that we access for near-instant insights. We have carried out global studies into media and device usage, food attitudes and consumption, mental health interventions, sports participation, fandom, and much, much more.

These ongoing research initiatives ensure we keep pace with your target audiences, combining tried-and-tested methods with the latest research trends and cutting-edge technology to get a thorough, accurate, and well-rounded read on what's going on. Our agency network spans 30 countries, and every member has extensive experience in the kids and family markets, knows the idiosyncrasies of their market inside and out, and understands how to tailor global research projects so that they ask the right questions for their region. Across markets, our adept qualitative and quantitative experts work together to refine the data into meaningful insights and present them in a client-friendly format.

Our initiatives are shared internally within our network as well as with our clients, so all our members are up to date with research and have an unmatched understanding of kids, youth, and families around the world. Whether we're delivering a huge multi-market product test or a small demographic survey, one thing is consistent: We are Family are your local experts on a global scale.


Our specialties

  • Defining and building brand DNA
  • Brand strategy
  • Product development
  • Content testing
  • UX testing
  • Optimizing path to purchase 
  • Understanding and growing fandoms 
  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Content and channel strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Fan engagement strategy
  • Product development strategy

Our tools and methodologies

Qualitative research

Online in-depth interviews (IDIs), media labs, online communities, online diaries, focus groups, in-home ethnography, eye tracking (both in-facility and in-home), shop-alongs, eat-alongs, ride-alongs – if your audience can do it, we can do it with them

Quantitative research

Quantitative surveys including video responses, heat mapping, MaxDiff, conjoint analysis, price sensitivity, youth-focused gamification research, TURF, and more

Tween council

Our global standing panel of tweens

Data analysis and presentation

Infographics and dashboards – we'll make the data zing

Audience segmentation

Demographic or behavioral segmentation