We create youth marketing campaigns for non-profit company WNET




Engage Youth - the We Are Family Network Agency in the US - has been training and implementing a marketing initiative with 13 PSB TV stations to promote their “The American Graduate: Jobs Explained initiative”.

Engage Youth in the US has been engaged by WNET, the nonprofit parent company of New York’s thirteen American flagship PBS stations. The Group brings arts, culture, education, news, documentary, entertainment and DIY programming to more than five million viewers each month.

Engage Youth was hired to support them with their new programme: "The American Graduate: Jobs Explained initiative". Engage will spend the next two years working with the parent company, and each of the 13 TV stations, in order to create youth marketing campaigns designed to help high school students decide on a career path post-graduation. Our services will include: consulting, content and copy and image art direction, as well as campaign and influencer management, channel strategy and analytics.

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