We are Family UK spearheaded a global research project looking into kids sporting fandom and participation. A truly collaborative and integrated effort, several We are Family teams spoke with over 4,300 Tweens (7–12-year-olds) and their families across seven international markets: UK, US, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Singapore. The data gathered was analysed by the UK team into a significant report that uncovers the key statistics and insights on the role and importance of sports fandom in the Tween market. 

The research had a particular focus on content consumption and uncovered how sporting bodies, brands and broadcasters can better understand and engage with the next generation of sport fans and retain them as lifelong viewers, players and supporters.

The data offered a global view of fandom – what age and how it starts, the environment and conditions fandom needs to thrive, through to the challenges live sports brings and the channels and type of content Tweens engage with and consume.  

Launched in Q4 last year, the data has been made available to each of the We are Family offices and will be used as a tool for market-specific publicity, new business pitches and as a demonstration of We are Family’s unified and in-depth approach in understanding families and young people across the world.