We are Family Iberia transforms digital presence for Editorial Flamboyant with modern, user-friendly design

We are Family Iberia has worked in collaboration with its client, Editorial Flamboyant - a publishing house dedicated to enriching the lives of children through high-quality literature and art - on a complete digital redesign. As part of the brief, the team has launched a new look and feel website, transforming the brand’s digital landscape and reinvigorating the user experience to seamlessly align this with Flamboyant’s brand mission. 

The brand specializes in creating, editing, and distributing works that stimulate imagination, promote empathy, and encourage personal growth among young readers, and is committed to contributing to the intellectual development and environmental consciousness of children.

With this in mind, Flamboyant recognised the need for a digital space that reflects these values and ambitions and puts the user at the heart of the site. In response, We are Family Iberia have provided a modern look and feel; spearheading the redesign and infusing a contemporary aesthetic that resonates with Flamboyant's brand vision, ensuring a fresh and up-to-date online presence.