HÖR HIN - when educational communication becomes an adventure


We have turned the promotion of reading and language skills in Austrian schools into a target group-specific, educational adventure: What child wouldn't want to be the narrator or noisemaker in an audio book? With "HÖR HIN" ("listen carefully") for JUNGÖSTERREICH Verlag, we made it possible for students to do just that, in collaboration with experienced media professionals who visited the schools.

Unsere Pädagogischen Fachkräfte halten eine Unterrichtseinheit

Our client

JUNGÖSTERREICH Bildungsmedienverlag has been publishing magazines for children, schoolchildren, and young people for over 70 years. The magazines provide both leisure reading and the basis for subject-related and interdisciplinary teaching in kindergartens and schools.


In the increasingly competitive environment and against the background of growing demand for interactive teaching models, JUNGÖSTERREICH Bildungsmedienverlag was looking for a contemporary solution to keep the educational offering attractive in terms of reading and language skills for students at Austrian elementary schools.

Our solution

HÖR HIN - the audiobook project for more reading and language skills in brief

With HÖR HIN, students became audio book producers under the guidance of experienced media professionals and practiced speaking and reading at the same time. To implementation the project in schools, we developed a mobile recording station, designed the teaching unit, and implemented a cross-media communication campaign to publicize the project. The targeted number of registrations for the project was exceeded by far.

Der HÖR HIN Bus auf dem Weg zu Schulen

HÖR HIN in the classroom - educational communication in practice

Based on our pedagogical concept to promote reading and language skills, along with creativity and media and social skills, we designed a teaching unit for HÖR HIN in the form of a workshop. Our team of media professionals implemented this workshop on site with the students, thus enabling uncomplicated integration into everyday school life.

The mobile recording station - audio book production at school

In order to successfully carry out the audio book production in the school, we developed a mobile recording studio and supported the schools with real media professionals. The recording studio included all the technical equipment needed for audio book production and enabled simple, target group-oriented operations.

HÖR HIN - how educational communication became a success at school

The great success of HÖR HIN resulted from the interaction between a contemporary, convincing educational offer and successful activation at school. Our cross-media communication campaign targeted teachers and parents with a combination of online marketing, social media marketing, targeted mailings, and self-promotion in the magazine publisher's products.