Our Client

Midas Well are a family owned media company who had a great story that they needed help bringing to life. Their aim was to develop The Glowberry Bears into a scalable IP, starting with the production of a children's book. 


The Details

For The Glowberry Bears: The Legend of Little Glow we were tasked with creating a new story for a family owned entertainment company, Midas Well. We collaborated with our client to create a touching and educational children's book, moving alongside them through every step of the process:

  • Round table workshops and creative consultation to build the characters and refine the storyline
  • Hiring an experienced children's author to nail the tone and format
  • Sourcing and overseeing the book's design: from illustration to layout
  • Managing the book's production and distribution
  • Designing high quality merchandise and promotional assets to accompany the book's launch
  • Marketing the final book on both traditional and digital channels

The Glowberry Bears: The Legend of Little Glow is launching this month and is available for preorder on several major distribution channels. You can find it here!

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