Experts in kids, teens, and families

We are Family is a research & strategy, creative, and marketing agency specialising in the kids, teens and family space. Our mission is to help our clients understand, reach and effectively engage their target audience.

Our Values and Ethos

Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of what makes Gen Alpha, Gen Z, and their parents tick.

We put that knowledge to good use for our clients. We’re always looking for new and more effective ways to solve problems and will never settle for the status quo. Encouraging the “what ifs” and challenging the standard practice is a core part of our company DNA.

When we’re working with clients, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team. We aim to be fun and easy to work with, and we never deliver work that we’re not incredibly proud of.

We are Global
Discover our international network of offices and partner agencies

We are part of a unique network of agencies that specialise in working with kids, teens, and their families. We have partners on the ground in 30 markets, so we can help you understand the nuances and challenges of working in particular areas and deliver purpose-built campaigns that appeal to regional audiences on a global scale.