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Our Client

OmoBerry leverages high-quality 3D animation and music to produce diverse and inclusive content for young audiences across the globe. With an aim to entertain, educate and empower the next generation of little digital learners, OmoBerry’s curriculum-based episodes and songs cover topics related to STEM learning, cross-cultural experiences, prosocial skill development, character development and self-esteem building. Their aim was to promote their new five-title album OmoBerry Kids Hits Vol 2.

The Details

OmoBerry was seeking to promote their new five-title album OmoBerry Kids Hits Vol 2, creating a buzz with the African diaspora in the US.

We implemented a two tiered approach:

  • Worked with global influencer talent with a strong following from the African diaspora in the US
  • Licenced the content and edited it into an ad, creating the brand’s first ever ad asset not featuring animated characters
  • Ran OmoBerry’s first ever ad campaign on YouTube and Spotify, alongside a Meta placement

Overall, our campaign achieved:

  • 1,477,351 impressions
  • 4.9% average CTR across all channels
  • An uptake in streams across all DPS for the album and other musical releases

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