Researching kids, teens and families around the world

We are a passionate and creative team of some of the most experienced market researchers in the kids, youth, and family space. We’ve worked on global research projects for some of the biggest brands in media, entertainment, sport, technology and publishing. From focus groups to social media analytics studies, we combine tried-and-tested methods with the latest research trends and cutting edge technology to make a demonstrable impact on your business. 

Qualitative Research 

  • We’re experts, but that doesn’t mean we’re done learning. And we believe one of the best ways to find out what we want to know is simple: going out and talking to people. From the latest online tools to talking to kids and families through friendship triads, school sessions, or self moderated slumber parties, we have an array of methodologies that enable us to understand why children, teens and families do the things they do. Our qualitative researchers uncover the whys behind the thoughts, action, and behaviours of kids, teens, and families.

Quantitative Research

  • Our quantitative offering helps you uncover what’s happening with your target audience and backs up the qualitative whys with hard data. We can help you understand the prevalence of an opinion or behaviour, discover new opportunities, and make decisions based on what’s happening in the real world. Our range of tools includes everything from large scale web surveys to a quick question omnibus. We work with the world’s largest panel providers and the latest software to ensure a robust and representative analysis.

Online Communities

  • We enjoy running online communities in all their forms: from pop up ones that are live for two weeks and then disappear or longitudinal panels that give us access to audiences on an ongoing basis.  

Data Analysis

  • At We Are Family, we crunch data. Whether it’s our own primary research or your existing data sets, we’re masters of data analysis and presentation. We create easily readable dashboards for you and your team, helping to tell the stories hidden deep in the numbers!

Audience Segmentation  

  • No audience is one, big homogenous group. We’ll help you break down your target into subgroups to tailor messaging and build deeper connections. We work with demographics or behavioural segmentation depending on your needs.

Our Tools and Methodologies  

  • Online in depth interviews (IDIs): using the latest research tools to enable client participation and quick analysis 
  • Media labs: our bespoke research set up that enables us to track and measure media engagement, enjoyment and comprehension
  • Online communities: focussing on engaging hard-to-reach audience groups
  • Focus groups: from one off ‘quick dips’ to huge global studies
  • Desk research: using the latest AI tools and information sources
  • Quantitative surveys including: video responses, heat mapping, MaxDiff, conjoint analysis, price sensitivity, youth focused gamification research, TURF and more
  • Eye tracking: both in facility and in-home
  • Tween council: our own global standing panel of tweens
  • Co-creation workshops: working with the audience to shape a client’s ideas
  • Online diaries: tracking media consumption, food, sports participation and other day to day activities
  • Shop-alongs, eat-alongs, ride-alongs: if your audience do it, we can do it with them
  • In Home Ethnography: spending time with your audience in their homes 
  • Infographics and dashboards: making the data ‘zing’

Our Specialties:

  • Product development
  • Content testing
  • UX testing
  • Optimising path to purchase 
  • Understanding and growing fandoms