Podcasts, it seems everybody has one, is listening to one or is thinking about starting one. All too often you hear that famous phrase "We’re so funny, we should have our own podcast". Having started my own sports podcast with some friends from university. I can tell you first hand how great they are to make and how fun they are to listen to. As many of you know, podcasts are wonderful, they are easy to use, they are multitask friendly and can help create a community. 

According to Ofcom in 2022, 43% of kids aged 7-15 listen to podcasts. Ofcom research also found that as of 2019 half of listeners have joined the podcast wave in the last two years.The rise and popularity of podcasts has led to a bidding war between Spotify and Amazon for audio and podcasting distribution platform Audioboom. Audioboom pride themselves as making podcasts accessible and profitable for podcasters, advertisers and brands alike. Edison Research’s 2021 Spoken Word Audio Report states that children's podcasts have seen a 20% increase in listeners since 2019, as parents aim to reduce their children's screen times. 

As previously stated the highest increase was in ages 15-24 however there is a booming podcast market for kids. Podcasts are a brilliant way for children to absorb information and they can be played at almost any time. As there is no visual stimulant children can be encouraged to use their imagination. As well as answering tough questions in a manner which is safe for children it can also be used as a distraction or winding down tool. 

Here are few interesting ones I found online;

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids -  This is a great podcast where kids ask questions and the podcast aims to answer them. This could be a major topic such as Why Russia is invading Ukraine or more fun topics such as how much does the moon weigh. What I really like about this podcast is that it can explain difficult topics in a child friendly manner.

Wow in the World -  A podcast where hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz spread the latest news in science, technology and innovation related topics.

Ear Snacks-  Another great podcast where two hosts Andrew & Polly (award-winning music makers)  share what they know about  music, art, science, and culture.

It seems a lot of money is being spent on the already booming podcast industry and in that space there seems to be a lot of potential for future childrens' podcasts, with Spotify having already launched ‘CoComelon Story Time’  which features educational and beloved tales the future of Children's podcasts looks bright.