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Famosa is Spain’s premiere toy manufacturer, leading the industry in Spain and Portugal and firmly established in more than 50 countries, including France, Italy, Mexico and the United States and are the parents of Nenuco Dolls. Nenuco dolls are tender, soft, & irresistible for children ages 10 months – 7 years. Their soft baby smell makes you want to pamper them and give them love. In addition to having fun, by playing with Nenuco children learn educational values that promote development, sociability, cognitive, communication and motor skills.


Our Client

The Campus is the BMW Group's in-house educational communication offering on future topics such as mobility, sustainability, and digitalization. Visitors from around the world can engage with future-related questions and acquire future skills in various experience spaces and workshops through interactive, digital, and analog exhibits: How do we want to live, work, and be mobile in the future?

The Task

Famosa has asked us to update the positioning for their Nenuco commercials.

Our Solution

Famosa has asked us to update the positioning for their Nenuco commercials. We developed a new look & feel, introducing the concept of "Real-Play", for seven of their products and the 45th anniversary piece, for Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France. Later on, we produced the Nenuco commercials for their summer collection.


Commercials - Conceptualisation, writing & production

We conceptualised, wrote, and produced the commercials, with adaptations for TV, YouTube, as well as lifestyle shoots and media and Amazon content.

Additionally, we produced the recognisable jingle used in all of the brand's branding.

Filming with children and pets involves many legal and technical considerations, but everything went brilliantly.


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