Growing up in Western Australia, sports were not just activities; they were integral to my upbringing, teaching me resilience, teamwork, and confidence. To this day, my children are often surprised when they see their mum effortlessly pitch a ball, score a swoosh in basketball, or master a wave on a bodyboard. My own seamless access to diverse sports and the inclusive sporting culture I experienced instilled in me a 'have a go' attitude that has permeated every facet of my life. Reflecting on this, I realise how fortunate I was and how unique my experience might have been compared to other parts of the world. 

This personal backdrop shapes the insights presented in the "Global Kids Sports Report," which highlights a pivotal shift in how young girls engage with and perceive sports. It’s a shift that deserves our attention and support, not just as observers but as active participants in fostering an inclusive sports culture. 

At the heart of this evolution is the understanding that engaging young girls in sports is about much more than physical activity. It’s about crafting identities, building communities, and bolstering self-belief. Much like the unpredictable charm of humour in children’s development, the participation of girls in sports offers unexpected depths and delights that enrich their lives far beyond the playing fields. 

A significant insight from the report is the divide that begins to emerge by the age of nine, where girls' involvement in sports starts to wane compared to boys. This isn’t just a matter of preference; it reflects broader social dynamics and access issues. Addressing these barriers head-on, creating environments that welcome and celebrate girls’ participation, becomes our collective challenge and opportunity. 

Visibility and representation are also crucial. When girls see women excelling in sports, especially in high-profile roles, it sparks a sense of possibility. Learning about a sportswoman’s journey—her challenges and the triumphs she achieved—can resonate deeply, making the sports experience more relatable and motivating. This underscores that sports are not just about competition but also about personal growth, resilience, and community. 

At "We Are Family," we leverage the power of research to uncover these dynamics and inform strategies that foster profound connections with audiences. Our insights guide stakeholders in making informed decisions that promote inclusivity and meaningful engagement. 

Business owners and industry leaders looking to understand and tap into the evolving landscapes of their fields will find a robust ally in "We Are Family." We invite you to reach out and explore how our insights can transform your strategies and help you connect more authentically with your audiences. 

As we champion the cause of girls in sports with the same vigour and joy we apply to develop a child's sense of humour, we’re not just nurturing future athletes; we’re empowering future leaders. Reflecting on my own journey, it’s clear that the confidence and 'have a go' attitude fostered through sports can influence all areas of life, inspiring us to take challenges head-on and succeed across diverse arenas.