Boston Pizza International & Partner Brands


Boston Pizza, in collaboration with major sports franchises and global brands, aims to be Canada's premier family restaurant by promoting diversity and inclusivity through sports. Their mission is to inspire families and children to participate in team sports, fostering an active lifestyle and overall wellness. This initiative aligns with Boston Pizza International's reputation as the top family-friendly sports restaurant, leveraging partnerships with the NHL, MLB, NBA, and Hockey Canada to encourage health, wellness, and family engagement in sports as part of their broader, purpose-led mission.

Our client

Boston Pizza International, Canada's leading casual dining brand, extends its community outreach through family activity booklets and edutainment materials. Available in restaurants and at national sports events, these offerings are also accessible online, reflecting Boston Pizza's commitment to family engagement and education in sports across Canada and internationally.


Boston Pizza sought Kidzsmart's expertise to create edutainment materials that promote sports' positive aspects, focusing on diversity, teamwork, and leadership. Our goal was to design engaging print and digital content that resonates with families, enhancing Boston Pizza's family brand strategy.

Our solution

For over 12 years this community outreach program has continued to express the core values of the Boston Pizza Kids message – sports fans come from all backgrounds. Creating loyalty with today’s families requires a diverse and inclusive Kids Club program. With a fan base from all backgrounds, it is important that all fans are made to feel welcome.

The success of the program has resulted in continued social media engagement, and growth of the family segment for our client by over 39% over time. Our BP Kids program and our team are a key partner in Boston Pizza’s success in becoming the #1 family restaurant in Canada. 

Further success of this program has opened up avenues outside of the sports market, leading to our team now building the family program with Nintendo Canada as partners. 


Client testimonial

“Kidzsmart (as part of We Are Family Canada) has consistently delivered content that's on-brand, educational, engaging, and most importantly FUN! The team is always a pleasure to work with and they've helped us build loyalty through an outstanding kids program.”